Welcome to the Mesa County Assessor website!

I hope you find it a useful resource for practical information about property values and the assessment process. Comparable sales data and maps are also easily accessible. Be sure to review the various sections of our website regarding Senior and Veterans Exemptions; Forms; our Assessment Calendar with relevant filing deadlines; etc.

For reasons of security we do not provide a property owner name search through our Assessor Property Lookup.

Your Assessor Staff are a wonderful group of people, dedicated to providing you with equitable, accurate values and excellent public service.

We appreciate your comments and suggestions about our service and ways to improve our website.

Mesa County Assessor - Ken Brownlee

I am pleased and honored to serve as your Assessor.

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Assessor Mission Statement

To locate, identify, and value all property; maintain current information on the ownership and characteristics of all property; prepare and certify an accurate, annual assessment roll; make all non-confidential data-bases readily accessible to the public; teach and inform the public of the duties of the Assessor's office within local government, and recruit, retain and reward a quality staff dedicated to the principles of this mission in accordance with Colorado State law, Division of Property Taxation guidelines, and the tenets of the International Association of Assessing Officers.


What's New

What the Assessor Does Not Do:

  • The Assessor does not establish tax rates or mill levies

  • The Assessor does not issue tax bills

  • The Assessor does not collect or refund taxes

  • The Assessor does not determine special assessment or maintenance district fees