What’s my Property Worth

The Mesa County Assessor’s Office function is to discover, list, classify and assess all property in the county.

For some classes of property, methods of valuation, market sales, income, and cost are used to calculate the property's value. For residential property, the State Constitution mandates the use of sales only, which compares the sales of similar properties in terms of size, age, condition, quality, and location.

Property tax is calculated by multiplying: Actual Property Value x Assessment Rate x Mill Levy = Property Tax.

The Assessor's Office determines property value in collaboration with the taxpayer through various levels of appeal. The legislature sets the Assessment Rate, which is currently 6.95% for a single family home. Various taxing districts, such as the school districts, municipalities, and fire districts, set the mill levies.

On May 1, the Mesa County Assessor’s Office will send out Notices of Value (NOV) to property owners for the 2021 tax year, due in 2022. Property owners will have until June 1 to file a protest of their assessment.

The reappraisal in valuations reflects property sales between January 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020, two of the strongest years in increased market activity over the past decade. Property tax bills calculated and forwarded in January 2022 will be based on these values.

Quick glance:

  • Notice of Valuation (NOVs) will be sent out May 1
  • The actual value of real property is based on its value as of the appraisal date, which is June 30th of the year prior to the reappraisal year
  • Protests must be submitted by June 1

Property owners wishing to protest their property’s valuation may do so by completing the protest form enclosed with their NOV and mailing it in or filing a protest form online at assessor.mesacounty.us/forms/ by June 1.