Protest/Appeals Process

Real property is reappraised by the Assessor’s Office every odd numbered year. The value determined by the assessor for the year of reappraisal is generally used for the intervening year also. The actual value of real property is based on its value as of the appraisal date, which is June 30 of the year prior to the reappraisal year. For information on business personal property appeals, please see Business Personal Property.

The assessor is required to send a Notice of Valuation to property owners by May 1 of each reappraisal year (odd numbered years) for real property. During intervening (even numbered years), only those real properties increasing in value from the previous year will receive a Notice of Valuation. The notice describes the property you own, gives the actual value for both the prior and current year, and provides an opportunity for you to present your objection to the assessor.

When you receive a Notice of Valuation, study it carefully! The value shown on the notice will affect the amount of taxes you will pay the following January. The deadlines for appeal are statutory and enforced. If you feel the value the assessor has placed on your property is incorrect, you may wish to file an appeal.

An assessment appeal is not a complaint about higher taxes. It is an attempt to demonstrate that your property's estimated market value is inaccurate. You have the right to appeal your property value or its classification. Procedures for appealing your assessment are provided here, including deadlines for filing your appeal.

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